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Solar power education

Cherry Street provides solar power to leading institutions of learning.

Our emission-free and predictably-priced electricity is the perfect solution of educational institutions looking to achieve major ESG goals with budget certainty.

Cherry Street has become the largest provider of on-site solar power in the southeast by removing the hurdles involved in clean energy incorporation.

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Solar power with price certainty.

With Cherry Street as your clean energy partners, you will know what you pay years ahead of time. Unlike fluctuating and rising utility rates, our prices will remain fixed for 20, 25, 0r 30 years.

Solar power storage

Achieving ESG.

With each system, we will help you get the most progress toward your ESG goals. We will right-size each system, optimize its performance, replace or upgrade it when necessary, and even add EV charging stations and battery storage to it when desired. The completion of each system is the beginning of our journey with you, not the end.

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System installations without the hassle.

We handle the entire process - from system design to energization to maintenance - entirely in-house. We've streamlined the process so that our customers can receive emission-free electricity without the upfront cost, ongoing maintenance, or burden of optimizing systems.

Case Study

Emory University

Cherry Street Energy installed 15,000 solar panels throughout Emory’s campus, offsetting 10% of peak power demand and furthering efforts toward transitioning to 100% clean energy by 2035.

Of Peak Demand
Megawatt Capacity
Solar Panels
Acres of forest in a year