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The seismic growth of the solar power and renewable energy sector creates widespread opportunity for a collective response.

Shine On is our vision for that response – a vision for putting bright thinking and bright action to work, so benefits of the renewable energy economy will shine on everyone.

Our Shine On® program recognizes the crucial opportunity now at hand to spread the benefits of clean energy investments across communities. Through Shine On®, we are constantly working to train and develop the workforce needed to successfully decarbonize our nation’s energy sector. Shine On® is our platform for the “New Collar Workforce,” an agenda to recruit and train skilled workers so that they can re-imagine their strengths and find new, rewarding careers in the burgeoning renewable energy field.

We started Shine On® because we firmly believed in the potential of the renewable energy transition to create thousands of well-paying and morally fulfilling careers.


For every 1,000 kW of new capacity created, Cherry Street trains 25 new careers in solar power installation.


With more than 10,000 kW of new clean energy capacity created, Cherry Street is responsible for the training of over 250 workers.


Last year, Shine On® partners received over $1.2 million for their critical work in solar power installation.

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