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Cherry Street energizes large commercial businesses with solar power.

We sell clean energy directly to large-scale commercial businesses. Our on-site solar power generation provides these facilities with reliable, emission-free electricity.

Cherry Street removes the expenses and complexities that come with incorporating solar power into your operations. No upfront investment or ongoing maintenance. Just a world-class solar power system.

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THE solar power

No-hassle solar power.

We are a vertically integrated solar power provider. We handle all consultation and design in-house; and build, own, operate, and maintain solar power plants for large-scale commercial businesses. This means we do all the heavy lifting and all our customers get is a monthly power bill.

Solar power charging

Achieve energy efficiency with Cherry Street.

Cherry Street is more than just a solar power provider, we’re your partner in sustainability. From site selection to system design to add-ons like batteries and EV chargers, our solutions are built to make your energy use efficient for your operations.

Solar power panel

Solar power that is predictably priced.

With Cherry Street as your clean energy provider, you can worry less about unpredictable price fluctuations in electricity costs. Whether we’re providing your business solar power for 20, 25, or 30 years, you can be assured that the price we quote you will stay within the margin and provide budget certainty over the term.