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Solar power in pre-con

Cherry Street seamlessly incorporates solar power system design into the pre-construction process.

Increasingly, businesses with new developments are looking to incorporate energy efficiency from the start. Cherry Street’s operating model makes it easy for firms to partner with us to design and construct on-site solar power plants.

Cherry Street is the largest provider of solar power in the Southeast and unmatched by any PV installer or EPC. We know exactly the right design recommendations to make that will allow for the seamless installation of a solar power plant during the construction process.

Connect With Our Team

Partners in solar power design and construction.

Cherry Street has years of experience working with design and architecture firms as they lay out building plans for construction. Our in-house design team provides roof recommendations necessary to achieve optimal energy production for one of our solar power plants.


Partnering with Electric Owl Studios.

For our solar power plant at Electric Owl Studios, we worked closely with Griffco Design/Build Inc. to ensure the roof design would be optimal to support the array and maximize its power production.

Commercial solar power

Helping Marriott become energy efficient.

Our team worked closely with Marriott’s internal team to design an array that fit their vision and brand. This was the first hotel on Jekyll Island to incorporate solar power into its operations.

Case Study

Electric Owl Studios

When Electric Owl Studios set out to become the "Greenest Studio on Earth," they chose Cherry Street Energy to be their solar power provider. Working with their building design firm, we were able to make strategic recommendations that would maximize their solar power production.

Energy Offset
Kilowatt Capacity
Annual Solar Generation (kWh)
Tons of CO2 Offset

Case Study

Marriott Jekyll Island

Marriott partnered with Cherry Street Energy to help design and construct a solar power system for their Jekyll Island Courtyard, resulting in it being the first hotel on the island to incorporate solar power into its operations.

Energy Offset
Kilowatt Capacity
Annual Solar Generation (kWh)
Tons of CO2 Offset