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We make solar achievable.

Cherry Street Energy provides clean electricity to large-scale energy users. We produce and sell renewable power that is free of emissions and predictably priced to businesses, cities, municipalities, institutes of education, and non-profits.

Belief Statement

We sit at an inflection point where advances in technology, banking, and construction have made renewable energy necessary and viable. We believe that renewable energy’s effect on the built environment is right, prosperous, and inevitable. Cherry Street Energy, through the Shine On program, has developed the infrastructure to genuinely and strategically respond to future needs with speed, grace, and diligence.

We have committed to creating a brighter world that will not only grow our businesses and enhance our communities, but enable a shining future of renewable energy that we can all take part in, no matter who we are or where we come from.

At Cherry Street Energy, we wholeheartedly believe that renewable energy has the capacity to power our economies, our communities, and our world.


Meet the Cherry Street Team

Michael Chanin headshot

Michael Chanin


Ben Damiani headshot

Ben Damiani


Kurt Ebersbach headshot

Kurt Ebersbach

General Counsel

Ashley Watson headshot

Ashley Watson


Gordon Hilbun headshot

Gordon Hilbun

VP of Construction

Zac Powell headshot

Zac Powell

VP of Sales

Connor Powers headshot

Connor Powers

VP of Finance

John Bennett headshot

John Bennett

Director of Operations & Maintenance

Jonathan Berlin headshot

Jonathan Berlin

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Kardell Brown headshot

Kardell Brown

Director of Accounting

Michael Deese headshot

Michael Deese

Senior PV Designer

Taff Goodman headshot

Taff Goodman

Director of Construction

Dori Hernandez headshot

Dori Hernandez

Director of Project Development

Andy Kee headshot

Andy Kee

Director of Project Management

Ben Smith headshot

Ben Smith

Director of Marketing

Daniel Uribe headshot

Daniel Uribe

Director of Data Analytics

Ameer Aboneaaj headshot

Ameer Aboneaaj

Project Manager

Matt Nostro headshot

Matt Nostro

Finance Manager

Kenneth Darisaw headshot

Kenneth Darisaw

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Adam Johnson headshot

Adam Johnson

Enterprise Account Executive

Sarah McMillan headshot

Sarah McMillan

Enterprise Account Executive

Frank Gaudio headshot

Frank Gaudio

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Brent Hobson headshot

Brent Hobson

Marketing Manager, Brand & Design

Clare Lister headshot

Clare Lister

Project Manager

Maddie McCool headshot

Maddie McCool

R&D Project Manager

Joseph Slappey headshot

Joseph Slappey

Project Manager

Daniel Salzer headshot

Daniel Salzer

Senior Superintendent

Claire Stockton headshot

Claire Stockton

HR Manager

Ellie Wilkoff headshot

Ellie Wilkoff

Utility Data Manager

Alberto Brown headshot

Alberto Brown

PV Designer

Becca Dershowitz headshot

Becca Dershowitz

Office Manager

Grant Hebert headshot

Grant Hebert

Site Superintendent

Jay Lee headshot

Jay Lee

Utility Data Analyst

Anis Movafagh-Iveli headshot

Anis Movafagh-Iveli

O&M Technician

Bruce Samimi headshot

Bruce Samimi

O&M Technician

Christian McClure headshot

Christian McClure

R&D Construction Coordinator

Masood Roshangar headshot

Masood Roshangar

Construction Technician

Sam Schlam headshot

Sam Schlam

Drone Specialist

Corey Shalanski headshot

Corey Shalanski

Project Engineer

Tony Shmidt headshot

Tony Shmidt

Construction Technician

Nick Stainkamp headshot

Nick Stainkamp

PV Designer

Amir Taghipoor headshot

Amir Taghipoor

Construction Technician

Jonathan Tescher headshot

Jonathan Tescher

Procurement Specialist

Carter Thomas headshot

Carter Thomas

Enterprise BDR

Arion Treadway headshot

Arion Treadway

Site Superintendent

Olivia Wilson headshot

Olivia Wilson

Legal Affairs Coordinator

Michele Woodward headshot

Michele Woodward

Enterprise BDR

Farshid Yalmedariuni headshot

Farshid Yalmedariuni

Site Superintendent